The Music of the Gate of Fire

The Gate of Fire Series contains six songs. All of these songs are original lyrics written by B. J. Vanderhoof. To add a little excitement and to fuel the imagination, B. J. used AI to put music to the lyrics, creating fun melodies to go along with the lyrics in the books.  Take a listen to the different songs below! They are sorted by book and chapter numbers are listed for your reference. 

The Gate of Fire - Main Theme

Music from the Prophecy of the Gate

A Journey Begins - Chapter 13

Lets Have Some Fun - Chapter 17

Alahadra The Elf - Chapter 22

Alahadra The Elf - Extended

Music from the Keepers of the Key

The Day of Two Moons - Chapter 25

The Lost Tribe - Chapter 26

The Lost Tribe - Extended

Music from ......coming soon