The Keepers of the Key


It has been three years since the events prophesied about the Gate of Fire came to fruition. King Malick’s work of bringing together the newly-named Kingdom of Calridian is never-ending. A new castle is being constructed, journeys are undertaken to unexplored lands, and a Council of Peace is being formed. Every corner of the Kingdom plays a role in these efforts, led by the King. Amidst this flurry of activity, Jyres and Lalatco carry out their duties as Keepers of the Key. The protection of the key that unlocks the Gate of Fire remains Jyres’ number one priority, though the creature that escaped from the Gate of Fire remains a mystery and has not been seen in two years. The more time that goes by without appearances from the creature, the more others seem to forget about the key’s importance. Lalatco and Leah live in married bliss and the King’s focus remains elsewhere. Meanwhile, Elonda’s adventures take her far away from Jyres. This leaves Jyres feeling more alone and lost than ever before.

As Jyres loses confidence in his friends, the enemies of the Kingdom of Calridian stir, waiting for their opportunity. Thinking he needs to be the lone hero, Jyres tries to embrace the role as these enemies emerge to oppose the Kingdom and try to take the key. Will Jyres' decision prove costly? The fate of the key–and of all the Kingdom–hangs in the balance as conflict ensues. The Kingdom of Calridian finds help in unexpected places but will it be enough? And when the dust settles, who will be in possession of the key to the Gate of Fire?

The Keepers of the Key: Book 2 of the Gate of Fire Series