Secord Books

With my second book, The Keepers of the Key, I have delved into the world of self-publishing.   Along with the process of self-publishing becomes the need for an imprint.  Hence the birth of Secord Books.   The name Secord Books comes right out of the Gate of Fire Series.  But, the credit for the naming of Secord Books goes to my wife.  As I was trying to come up with the name for the imprint, she smartly pointed out that there was a library in the Gate of Fire Series.  That library is in the city of Secord.  Secord Books seemed to be a fitting name for the imprint as I begin my self-publishing journey.  So The Keepers of the Key and future titles will be self-published by the name Secord Books.    

Secord Books is looking for new authors to join the team.

Interested? Contact me